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VISAS ALERT: An Alphabet Soup Corporations use to hire Foreign Scumbags !

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Stiffy, May 9, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2019
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    Another Example how Trump has failed you.

    Get Jared CryptoJew Kushner Out of the White House and out of Immigration before its too late... he’s a Fucking RAT TRAITOR !

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    This is how Congress sold you out for foreign mother fuckers taking your jobs !

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    "there is an alphabet soup of visas that corporations can use to not hire citizens"
    STEM fields have been gateways to the American middle-class dream. But the gates are closing. Every year, more Americans wake up to the damage done by foreign-worker programs designed to maximize corporate profits instead of filling legitimate labor gaps.

    Listen to the author Hilarie Gamm talk about how for all the talk about reTRAINing American workers, the real need it to reTAIN American workers.

    Listen to the whistleblower Michael Emmons and the immigrant tech worker Roger Ross share their personal experiences with white-collar visa programs (in the same episode the attorney Sara Blackwell tells her story about representing displaced Americans).

    Both conversations talk about American students going into huge debt in order to go into these fields, only to be undercut by white-collar visa programs that help employers avoid hiring some American workers, while depressing the wages of the rest.

    The Wall Street Journal published this letter to the editor from Emmons last night:

    Regarding Matthew J. Slaughter's "Immigrants for the Heartland" (op-ed, April 29): I disagree with importing more foreign workers. Our entire IT department at Siemens ICN was ordered by corporate management to train our replacements, who were Tata India employees on H-1B/L-1B visas. The well-educated American employees were given a small severance and a pink slip. Our extremely diverse department was replaced with an all-young, male, foreign workforce.

    It was the most demoralizing time of my career. I had three Indian trainees, each of whom learned a different facet of my job. None had near the knowledge or experience as me, but they were cheaper.

    It isn't just H-1B visas, there is an alphabet soup of visas that corporations can use to not hire citizens. The OPT (Optional Practical Training) visa has grown by 400% recently. Under OPT visas neither corporations nor the visa holder have to pay Social Security or Medicare taxes, which is an immediate savings for the employer of about 13.85% versus hiring a young citizen graduate. Why hire an American when you can own an indentured foreign worker? Both L-1B and OPT visas have no quantity limits or salary constraints and, in most cases, none of these visas require companies to seek qualified Americans before hiring foreign workers.

    If there really is a "downward spiral" in skilled workers as the Economic Innovation Group finds, it's because of these visa programs. The abuse of the H-1B visa program is as old as the program itself. There are YouTube seminars created by immigration attorneys that describe how to not hire qualified Americans.

    Our children deserve better. Americans should have the first opportunity for jobs in their own country.

    Michael T. Emmons

    Emmons and Ross are speaking out, but many workers have been effectively silenced, either through severance packages that prevent them from talking, or from fear of being blacklisted in an already difficult job market. The Center for Immigration Studies, working with Protect U.S. Workers, has collected some of their untold stories here.

    "I'm a mom to two beautiful girls, and I told them not to go into tech because there is no future for them. We have been taken over and sold out to cheap foreign labor from India."

    We heard from 11 Americans who were replaced by H-1Bs. Hear their stories:https://t.co/Q8OPb4EvwQ

    -Center for Immigration Studies (@CIS_org) May 6, 2019
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    Wages generally do not rise until the labor market is tight. And it is difficult for the labor market to tighten when the government is adding about as many foreign workers every month as the economy is adding jobs. https://t.co/7WvdCYxnGs

    -Roy Beck (@RoyBeck_NUSA) April 23, 2019

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