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Turkish Film Could Further Strain Ties With Israel

Discussion in 'Middle Eastern Politics' started by marcellus, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Nov 21, 2010
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    New Turkish movie shows all the israeli violence
    to the human aids volonteers .It will strain the
    relations between the 2 countries.

    Turkish Film Could Further Strain Ties With Israel
    by The Associated Press

    text size A A A ANKARA, Turkey November 15, 2010, 10:11 am ET
    Cinemas across Turkey are showing a trailer for an upcoming Turkish action movie based on a true event: the Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound, blockade-busting flotilla that killed nine activists in May.
    And if the trailer of the film is any indication, the movie, "The Valley of the Wolves — Palestine," could worsen tense relations between Turkey and Israel when it is released Jan. 28.
    The anti-Israel melodrama is a spinoff of the controversial but popular Turkish TV series "Valley of the Wolves," about a nationalist undercover agent — Turkey's answer to James Bond and Rambo — who takes on Turkey's enemies.
    This time the superhero, Polat Alemdar, sets out to hunt down the Israeli military commander who ordered the raid on the flotilla and avenge the killing of the eight Turks and one Turkish-American who died in the real-life attack.
    The TV series, and a similar one, "Separation," showed Israeli security forces kidnapping children and shooting old men, and caused a diplomatic row between Turkey and Israel last year. The new film could do the same and further complicate U.S. hopes for an improvement in ties between its two allies.
    In 1996, Turkey and Israel signed a military cooperation agreement that made Turkey Israel's closes ally in the Muslim world. But relations between the two have strained over the Islamic-oriented government's increasingly critical statements on Israel's treatment of Palestinians and hit an all-time low after the raid.
    Turkey is demanding an apology and compensation for the victims of the flotilla attack before ties can return to normal. Israel's concern that Turkey is moving closer to Iran has further complicated relations.
    The trailer posted on "The Valley of the Wolves — Palestine" website opens with Israeli commandos raiding the ship and shooting at passengers, some of whom are armed with clubs. The Turkish hit men take revenge on heavily armed Israeli soldiers.
    An Israeli threatens the Alemdar character by saying: "You know you won't make it out of our Promised Land." The superhero responds: "I don't know what part of these lands were promised to you, but I promise you six feet under."
    Questioned by an Israeli soldier about his reason for coming to Israel, Alemdar says: "I have not come to Israel, I have come to Palestine."

    more on the link.

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