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Trump's "state visit-plus" to China

Discussion in 'Asian Politics' started by reedak, Nov 26, 2017.

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    May 1, 2014
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    During his recent "state visit-plus" to China, Trump was treated "almost like an emperor". He was given the significant honour to dine with Xi inside the Forbidden City. Long before Trump's China visit, I posted a political satire on May 28, 2017 at http://houseofpolitics.com/threads/political-satire-the-old-man-of-the-mountain-2.19366/

    The following are excerpts from my fairy tale. Let's see any resemblance between the symbolism of the 2,000-year old gift in the story and the "significant honour" given to Trump by his Chinese host.

    (Begin excerpts)
    Neighbour: Since you have lost your "strategic patience" with my dog, I offer a new solution to stop it from barking. I am going to give you a giant war drum which you can place in your garden. Whenever my pet barks, you can start beating the war drum to mask the unwanted sound....

    Middle-aged man: Your proposal won't solve the problem. It just replaces an unwanted sound with another. In the end, my ears would be damaged by the thunderous rumbling of the war drum.

    Neighbour: The war drum is my family heirloom which has passed down from one of my ancestors 2,000 years ago. He was a well-known general winning countless battles. Whenever the enemy troops heard the beating of his war drum, they would shiver and flee without fighting.

    Middle-aged man: I doubt the war drum can solve the barking problem, but it would be very impolite of me not to accept your gift.

    Neighbour: My men will bring the war drum over here very soon.

    Narrator: Sure enough, not very long afterwards twenty men were seen dragging an enormous carriage that carried a war drum with a diameter of three metres. The juggernaut was placed beside the fence of the garden. As usual, the dog kept barking in open defiance at its owner's command. At this point, the house owner suggested beating the war drum, but his neighbour reminded him that the deafening sound of the drum could cause serious ear damage. Although the house owner could not use the war drum against the dog without hurting himself, he was pleased to be the proud owner of a 2,000-year old antique. (End excerpts)

    So far Trump's three predecessors have failed to denuclearize North Korea. Fatboy Kim is 35 years old. He will outlive many leaders of the US, China, Russia and Japan. Leaders of those countries will come and go, but not North Korea's nuclear threat, just as what's narrated in the story:

    "...Throughout the night, the priest could not sleep at all as the dog barked at anyone passing by the two houses. Next morning the priest continued his journey with tired eyes, literally 'sleep walking' all the way...."



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