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The tea party is gaining strength.

Discussion in 'House of Debates' started by steveox, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. steveox

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    Jun 13, 2007
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    Way Down South
    If Castor ousted isn't a sign then i don't know what is. Texas Tea you must keep faith. Don't say the liberal regime will prevent them from winning. One day the American society will get tired of this. Look at the mainstream media for example they're losing. The NY Times are losing subscribers viewers are tuning out NBC NEWS,CBS NEWS,CNN and MSNBC. Liberalism is dying people are beginning to say enough is enough with Obama and his regime. Some Democrats are turning against him even some members of the media are turning against him. Texas Tea just don't give up hope yet., I see a turning point. Just like the Civil War had a turning point. Even WWII had a turning point. If Republicans win in massive numbers this november then Obamas days are numbered. Thats when they're going to bring up impeachment talks. Look at our world crises. Russia is turning back into the Soviet Union. The Arabs are taking IRAQ all because of the mess of the Obama admin. Mitt Romney warned us about Russia, The Media laughed at him. Bush warned us about withdrawling from IRAQ the media laughed at him. And if America gets attacked again when an republican in office guess who will he blame? Right Obama! Just like Bill Clinton was blamed for 9-11 cause he didn't do his job and get Bin Laden when he had the oppitunity. North Korea got the bomb and who was responsible? Again Bill Clinton. Thats what Liberals do, They make appeasements and deals. So lets see what happens in November. Obamas days may be numbered.

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