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North Korea promises to punish China and Russia

Discussion in 'Asian Politics' started by reedak, Jan 13, 2018.

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    May 1, 2014
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    1. The following are excerpts from a Reuters news report, by Ben Blanchard in Beijing and Hyonhee Shin in Seoul on December 24, 2017, under the headline "North Korea says new U.N. sanctions an act of war" at https://www.reuters.com/article/us-...new-u-n-sanctions-an-act-of-war-idUSKBN1EI03D

    (Begin excerpts)
    BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - The latest U.N. sanctions against North Korea are an act of war and tantamount to a complete economic blockade against it, North Korea’s foreign ministry said on Sunday, threatening to punish those who supported the measure....

    “The U.S. should not forget even a second the entity of the DPRK which rapidly emerged as a strategic state capable of posing a substantial nuclear threat to the U.S. mainland,” it added.

    North Korea said those who voted for the sanctions would face its wrath.

    Those countries that raised their hands in favor of this ‘sanctions resolution’ shall be held completely responsible for all the consequences to be caused by the ‘resolution’ and we will make sure forever and ever that they pay heavy price for what they have done.”

    The North’s old allies China and Russia both supported the latest U.N. sanctions.... (End excerpts)

    2. North Korea promised that all the countries (including China and Russia of course) that supported the US-sponsored resolution will have a taste of the wrath of North Korea. In a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency, North Korea’s foreign ministry said: "We will make sure forever and ever that they pay heavy price for what they have done." There is no doubt from the news report that North Korea has promised to punish China and Russia. Let's wait and see whether the rogue state will keep its promise.

    Most people will laugh at the threats of the devil incarnate, taking them as vile ravings of a lunatic. However, suppose we could go back to the late 13th century through the "time tunnel" to look at the rise of the Mongol Empire, the Chinese emperor and the Russian czar would have been rolling on the ground with laughter had Genghis Khan, a hitherto unknown chieftain of an "uncivilized" nomadic tribe, made similar threats to punish them.

    If North Korea's missiles could strike the entire US as claimed by the rogue regime, the whole of China, Russia and Europe should also be within striking range. If North Korea fires a few nuclear missiles at some major cities in China or Russia, it is questionable whether the two countries can do anything to avert the potential disasters. North Korea's nuclear missiles are too close for comfort to all its neighbours. The rogue state is holding its neighbours at gunpoint, literally pointing a gun at the forehead.






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