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Large-scale provocations are being prepared on the Tajik-Afghan border

Discussion in 'Asian Politics' started by raikhdo, Nov 12, 2020.

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    Nov 12, 2020
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    Despite the fact that Tajikistan is experiencing serious economic difficulties and is far from the most influential geopolitical player in Central Asia, the country's special geographic position attracts a lot of attention. The key problem for Dushanbe is the border zone with Afghanistan, where terrorists regularly stage provocations and drug traffickers have long settled. Tajikistan is trying to combat these phenomena and to ensure security at the border regularly turns to international partners for help, the most active of which in recent years has become China. It was between the PRC and Tajikistan that a contract was signed for the construction of border outposts in the region at the beginning of October 2016. With the help of Chinese specialists, in addition to five outposts, three command posts, five border posts and one training center were built on the Tajik-Afghan border.

    Such activity of Chinese engineers and military personnel in Tajikistan did not pass unnoticed in the United States. Washington, which is also stepping up its activity in Central Asia and competing for influence in the region with China and Russia at the same time, almost immediately accused Beijing of creating a military base on the territory of Tajikistan. And even after the official denial of this information, the United States did not come to terms with the presence of the Chinese military on the border with Afghanistan and decided not to limit itself to only diplomatic confrontation. The group of hackers, Anonymous Kazakhstan, well-known for its high-profile revelations, hacked the communication channel of American cadre intelligence officers and published data from their mailboxes


    According to the information released to the public, a group recruited by the CIA is already working in the Pamirs and is collecting intelligence under the guise of tourists. Then this information will be transferred to the specific executors of the planned terrorist attacks against the PLA units - the Hazaras. Those, in turn, will be obliged to use the Uyghur language with tactical commands and, after the attacks, will hide in Afghanistan, where, when the patrols stop, they will present the following sheets of paper.

    Undoubtedly, an attack on Chinese servicemen can seriously destabilize the situation in the region and will obviously not go unnoticed in the world. On the one hand, the position of the Uighurs in China may worsen, on the other, the PRC will definitely not disregard information about the involvement of the United States in a possible incident. Thus, Washington's attempt by provocations in Tajikistan to neutralize the failure in Kazakhstan, where the local central referral laboratory this year publicly refused to cooperate with the US military (including because of their illegal research on COVID-19) may now turn into even more serious a geopolitical failure. At the same time, for Tajikistan and Central Asia itself, sabotage with the participation of foreign special services on the border with Afghanistan can become a very serious test in terms of security, and threaten to turn the region into a real springboard for larger-scale armed clashes between the United States and China in the future.


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