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Get the best travel deal for your trip.

Discussion in 'House of Politics Lounge' started by MurphieGaiser, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. MurphieGaiser

    MurphieGaiser New Member

    Mar 22, 2012
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    Tourism is a globally accepted leisure activity. It became so popular in the recent years. Tourism is a great business in some countries in the world where it is the main income of the country. The lack of security to the visitors or tourists is a major problem in some countries where there are beautiful sites to visit. Security to the visitors is a major task and an important aspect that decides the value of a tourist spot. Tourists are our guest and we need to respect and take care of them. We should not create any kind of difficulties to the tourists that comes to visit our places. We need to treat them very well. We should provide them maximum comforts and features.

    Travel operators provide us many discount travel features in their packages. They add some discount to travel charges to get the attention of the customers. It is a marketing technique to boost the sales and business. Travel is so expensive now-a-days. A major portion of your budget is taken by food and travel. Accommodation and other activities are secondary. They cover the rest portion of the expense. Travel is an activity that needs a proper planning. Otherwise you will lose your time and money and both of which are more important. Always have a proper planning and enough preparation before your travel. Plan your route, your stay, the spots that you are planning to visit, the money that you are going to spend…etc. Proper planning always brings good result.

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