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Can You Tube, Twitter diminish criminality in the world? The red button

Discussion in 'World Politics' started by Paul Lasaro, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Paul Lasaro

    Paul Lasaro Active Member

    May 20, 2009
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    How is it possible to reduce criminality using You Tube, Twitter and other social nets? It can be done if more effective early means of warning are used. There are many cases when criminals have given some signals about their intentions or have used You Tube and other social portals. Many could be read in the press, no doubt, most of them haven’t been reported about and even more of them haven’t just been noticed. Portals, administrations, security institutions themselves do a lot in order to follow effectively the signals about the possible crimes but it isn’t possible fully. The virtual environment is booming and not everything can be traced even with a help of the most modern technologies. Intelligence, instinct of a man is needed for it to identify precisely the possible danger.

    Thus, a simple and effective means might be needed that would allow people themselves to report quickly about the possible threat. In fact, at the moment each social portal offers such possibilities but there is no one unified way how people can at the utmost simply and quickly do it.

    Thus, a unified, simple and effective system should be created. The efficient solution could be the following one - if in each social portal – You Tube, twitter, facebook and others – „the Red Button” could be placed which in case of suspicion or mistrust is pressed by any user. The signal should automatically reach three addressees – the administration of portal/profile/chanell, the cyberpolice of author’s - in suspicious homepage - home country and security institutions of informer’s home country.

    People should only need to activate it and security institutions according to previously formulated criteria and instructions of professionals would make a decision. It would signal in the same way about all possible threats – from terrorism, plans of massacre, doubtful financial hustles till suspicious sexual callings.

    That, of course, needs international consensus of security institutions and collaboration of the portals themselves. Introducing this simple system the criminal world would be restricted effectively and quite fast in the virtual environment. Considering that social activities like an avalanche are moving to the virtual environment, it would mean a serious force against the criminal world.

    Surely, people will say now that this „red button” will be pressed also by dishonest or even too suspicious people. Nevertheless, it will also be a certain signal. Experience will crystallize what’s the right way to react to danger signals.

    Already long ago the virtual environment needed one common 911 number. It must be simple and effective enough, like a big red button.

    You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Obama – what will be your answer? Just Do it?

    Have a nice Day and be careful,
    Paul Lasaro (www.paullasaro.com)

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