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What a Great TEAM: AG Eric Holder and H&HSS Kathleen Sebelius

Discussion in 'Health' started by ASPCA4EVER, Jul 29, 2009.


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    Dozens arrested in health care fraud scheme

    Doctors among those accused in scam to bilk Medicare through false claims


    updated 52 minutes ago

    MIAMI - Federal authorities arrested 32 people, including doctors, in a major health care fraud bust Wednesday in New York, Louisiana, Boston and Houston, targeting scams such as "arthritis kits" - expensive braces that many patients never used.
    It's the third major sweep since Attorney General Eric Holder and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced in May they were adding millions of dollars and dozens of agents to combat a problem that costs the U.S. billions each year.
    Using about a dozen agents in targeted cities, including Miami, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, has recovered $371 million in false Medicare claims and charged 145 people across the country in just two months. Medicare is the federal health care program for the elderly.

    <<for the rest of this story>>

    This article went on to say that: banks accounts were frozen, Rolls-Royce's were confiscated, million dollar homes were seized...while they (the doctors/staff/medical billing/therapists) were buying products under deceased patients names; such as food products for the elderly that were on restricted diets (such as Ensure) and then the products were never handed out to the people in need...[​IMG]

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