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President Zulu! Hands off the world!

Discussion in 'World Politics' started by junglelaw, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. junglelaw

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    Sep 29, 2011
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    President Zulu! Hands off the world!

    In olden times it was the mighty European colonialist. Spain, and Portugal and Holland, then Britain and France had their share in devastating the world. They ruled with iron tyranny, ruthless and merciless beasts dominating the weak and needed societies. Not for peanuts for they sapped their blood and considered them fourth world rats. Now, all these colonialist white Arian **** have turned to their sewage homeland and are themselves lackeys of other mightier super-powers.

    Reduced to their real size, these blood suckers are suffering from personality schizophrenic, terrible level of unemployment and hundreds of thousands but millions of street dwellers. They suffer from the decayed and distorted capitalist system, not that the socialist is any better but the opposite, much worse that the first. In the former man exploits man and sucks his blood and on the latter is vice-versa.

    Their systems have proved bankrupt, rotten to the core. Their societies suffer now from anemia and from lack of work, ill in health and in mind. In these countries, once the sun never sets, live in an disintegrated family syndrome. They have an individualistic bases of society, where everyone is for himself and God does not exist. They are down right materialists. This being the cornerstone of the down fall of such once upon time empires, Draculas of humanity and cancerous parasites living on peoples' blood flesh and blood.

    Britain, with its decayed and parasite monarchy, France, with its Lilliputian clown Sarkozy, imported from an East European marginal poor and insignificant country, France now is void of personalities, once the great monarchy dominating in Europe. Spain and Portugal prescribing now to third world countries and Holland is nearly flooded by the North Sea.

    Not much of a future. This is why these countries now come together to form a union in order to survive facing the American giant and soon, very soon, the yellow Go and Magog giant, already awaking to take its place in world politics and world dominance.

    After the downfall of the Soviet union in the nineties last century, putting an end to the awkward socialist experience of ‘poverty for all' and dictatorship of one odd tyrant proletariat produced by the wild imagination of a distorted in the mind Karl Marx and his fellow-cockroach the dumb Engels produced by their little insignificant disciple Lenin.

    Mao followed suit and now the Gog and Magog yellow Jintao continue the madness of Mao Tse Tung, responsible for the Cultural revolution that massacred legally forty millions of intelligent and respectable Chinese intellectuals, leaving the country with little brains of rats and mice and confirmed cockroaches.

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