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MLK Day, and the Bigots Are Out

Discussion in 'Historical Events & Figures' started by Old_Trapper70, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Old_Trapper70

    Old_Trapper70 Well-Known Member

    Dec 17, 2014
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    On a local talk show the host is claiming that it was Obama that worsened race relations. Of course, he ignores the role bigots like him played in the situation.

    When Obama was elected he was part of the group that said he was elected due to his color, and "white guilt". When the Republicans refused to work with him he supported making him a "one term President". When MLK was alive he ridiculed him even as they now ridicule Black Lives Matter. When Obama spoke of anything relating to racism he mocked him. Martin Luther King spoke of the need for character, yet he honors one of the most unethical, and immoral, "men" ever elected to the office of President.

    And, as usual, he obviously has not a clue as to what MLK stood for yet he is willing to use him as a political pawn to further his own bigotry:


    "It is easy to forget that, until fairly recently, many white Americans loathed Dr. King. They perceived him as a rabble rouser and an agitator; some rejoiced in his assassination in April 1968. How they got from loathing to loving is less a story about growing tolerance and diminishing racism, and more about the ways that Dr. King’s legacy has been scrubbed and blunted.

    The Dr. King we remember today is particularly at odds with his radical turn in his last years. In 1967 he denounced the Vietnam War and warned that America was courting “spiritual death.” In early 1968 he planned the Poor People’s Campaign, in which millions of impoverished Americans — black, white and Latino — would gather in Washington for an enormous demonstration. He called for $30 billion annually in antipoverty spending, and asked Congress to guarantee an income for each American. To many Americans, this sounded like socialist lunacy."
  2. grumpy

    grumpy Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2016
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    That was a great column, In my house as a child it was a sad day when he died..
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