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Jacinda Ardern hits back at Trump over Covid-19 remarks

Discussion in 'House of Debates' started by reedak, Aug 19, 2020.

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    May 1, 2014
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    1. Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, on Tuesday slapped down Donald Trump's talk of an out-of-control coronavirus "surge" in New Zealand as "patently wrong".

    She expressed dismay after the US president exaggerated the new virus outbreak in New Zealand as a "huge surge" that Americans would do well to avoid.

    "Anyone who is following," Ms Ardern said, "will quite easily see that New Zealand's nine cases in a day does not compare to the United States' tens of thousands.".....

    Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/20...s-back-president-trumps-patently-wrong-virus/

    2. Instead of facing the "tens of thousands" of new cases per day in the US squarely and honestly, the Cult Leader is dragging Americans into his surreal world by exaggerating the new virus outbreak in New Zealand, which has nine cases daily, as a "huge surge" that they would do well to avoid.

    He seems to be living forever in a world of his own while projecting his surrealism successfully into the real world where his followers immediately swallow his lies hook, line, and sinker.






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