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AMERICA: Nothing Will Change Until The People ACT !

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Stiffy, May 1, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2019
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    Here it is again, what a coincidence...
    I’m starting to see more and more commentary like this from other Journalists too...

    Isn’t it something ? Do you see it yet ?


    Nothing Will Change Until The People Act

    Apr 24, 2019

    Just shy of thirty years ago, on June 5, 1989, in the incident in Tiananmen Square, China, a lone and very brave, if not somewhat foolish man, stood out in front of a row of battle tanks, using his body as a symbol of protest against dictatorial authority. This nameless man managed to stop the advance of the tanks by moving in front of the first tank, every time it positioned to go around him. Later, the man jumped up on the tank and had a conversation with the driver. On-lookers managed to pull him off of the tank and he was absorbed into the watching crowd. One eyewitness to the event believes that the man was hauled away by secret police, tortured and then executed, as the man never appeared in public again and the Chinese government could not, or would not, produce him. Although many accounts purport to know what happened to him, the “tank” man’s name or his final fate, to our knowledge, has never been verified.

    But what is most important in this story is not what the man did and the courage it took to do it, but how his courageous actions affected others. Because you see, courage is infectious. One man, in act of selfless bravery, with no regard for his own safety, by stopping those tanks, even briefly, started the germination of a seed of freedom in the minds of hundreds of thousands of people, held in bondage, but longing to be free, all around the world. Out of those hundreds of thousands another individual will stand up, and then another and then another, because you see, courage is infectious.

    In April of 2014 hundreds of armed civilians from around the country challenged the authority of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to round up Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle. The BLM stood down and released the rounded up cattle back to the rancher. When the people stand up in large groups and punctuate their demands with a show of force, government has no choice but to stand down, or initiate a blood bath like Waco and Ruby Ridge. Where are the civilians that will emulate the hundreds of brave men and women that came to the Bundy ranch to challenge the government and stand up for freedom and property rights?

    Landowners along the Jarbidge River near Elko, Nevada drove the federal government agents out of town fearing for their lives, for actions by the government and environmental groups against the locals’ livelihood, rural roads, recreation, forests and rivers. The rural Elko landowners formed what they called the “Jarbidge Shovel Brigade” to take on the federal and local authorities. They openly defied the federal authorities with action and the show of force.

    In northern California and southern Oregon along the Klamath River, the local landowners formed the Klamath Bucket Brigade to fight against removal of four dams. Sadly, the Indians and the environmentalists won in order to save a two-inch fish.

    Now, Governor Jay Inslee wants to spend $1.1 Billion of the taxpayer’s money to save 75 Killer Whales in Puget Sound, Washington State. That works out to $14,666,667 per Killer Whale. The environmentalists and Governor Inslee are Hell bent to save the salmon in Puget Sound as well, but one Killer Whale eats 200 pounds of salmon every single day. That works out to 5,475,000 pounds of salmon Killer Whales consume every year. If each salmon weighed 5 pounds, that means that Killer Whales devour over 1,000,000 salmon each year.

    The environmentalists and tree huggers want to have it both ways. They want to save the Killer Whale and the salmon at the same time ….. no matter what it costs the taxpayer. Where are the Americans that will bring sanity to an insane environmental world?

    Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy started a forest fire with one match. He ignited the flame of freedom in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, some of whom decided to put their money and their lives where their mouths were. They voted with their feet in positive action and some of them were willing to vote with their guns if it became necessary. They rose up and the government backed down. It is not an unfamiliar scene. We have personally witnessed government backing down locally as well, when the people rose up in large numbers. The people have the power if they will only choose to exercise it with courage.

    Yes, there are millions of Americans itching to lock and load. We hear from them almost daily. But why? Because government and especially the federal government, has pushed, abused, harassed, cheated, lied, cajoled and intimidated too many people for far too long and the hair on the backs of the necks of some Americans itching for a fight, is rising. The outcome at the Bundy ranch was fully predictable to anyone with any knowledge of the true American spirit. Let freedom ring, or we will punctuate our strongly held beliefs of liberty with guns. Why did the government back down? Because they were surrounded by a superior force where a fight could have ignited a much wider, but politically devastating war with the potential of the dead bodies of American men and women pasted all over our TV screens.

    The Full Story is in this Link:

    E-Mail Ron Ewart: info@narlo.org

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